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Meet all the guests at 2D.

Paddy Lynch

Writer / Artist / Illustrator / Designer Stray Lines, Last Bus. Publisher – Cardboard Press.

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Paul Duffield

Artist / Illustrator / Writer / Animator / Designer / Educator Comics Work: Freakangels (with Warren Ellis), the Tempest (Manga Shakespeare), The Firelight Isle, Sojourn, Best New Manga 2.

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Paul J Holden

Artist Comics Work: Judge Dredd, Robocop/Terminator, Rogue Trooper, Fearless, the 86ers, Battlefields.

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Phil Barrett

Writer / Artist / Illustrator / Designer / Educator Comics Work: Stray Lines, Blackshapes, Gazebo, The Vision Service (RTE), Culture File (RTE). Illustration Work: Where’s Larry (O’Brien Press).

Paddy Brown

Artist/Writer Comics Work: Ness, The Cattle Raid of Cooley, Romantic Mayhem.

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